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Embroidery Services

Embroidery Information




Embroidery Setup – includes a photo sample before completion. One off  charge £12.50 +vat. Files are then kept on file for future use.




Left or Right chest logo from £2.36 + vat for garments


Back logo start from £3.28 + vat , this will be for website or social media tags.


Other options available-arm sleeve, down the leg, cuffs & collars. POA


For business logo and website from £4.90+vat.


Please enquire for further information regarding prices


Other placements positions may be possible please enquire for a price




We offer 1 colour vinyl print, which is ideal for most occasions.


For more intricate designs we offer DTF ( full colour) Please enquire for print pricing.


Contract Embroidery Prices – Please click here

The Process

 A insight to how it works

Machine embroidery is a process where a sewing or embroidery machine is programmed to stitch intricate designs onto fabric or other materials using various threads. It’s a modern twist on traditional hand embroidery, offering precision, speed, and the ability to replicate designs with high accuracy.

Here’s how it generally works:

  1. Design Creation: Designs are either digitized from existing images or created digitally using specialized software. These designs determine the stitches and colors that the machine will use.

  2. Digitizing: If the design isn’t already in a digital format, it needs to be converted into one through a process called digitizing. This involves assigning stitch types, lengths, and directions to create the desired pattern.

  3. Machine Setup: Once the design is ready, it’s transferred to the embroidery machine. The fabric is placed in an embroidery hoop or frame, which holds it taut and flat.

  4. Thread Selection: Threads are chosen based on the design and desired outcome. Modern machines often allow for multiple thread colors to be used in a single design, offering versatility in creating intricate patterns.

  5. Embroidery Process: The machine then begins stitching according to the programmed design. It moves the fabric in precise increments while the needle inserts and pulls thread to create each stitch. The process continues until the entire design is embroidered.

  6. Finishing Touches: After embroidery is complete, any excess thread is trimmed, and any stabilizers used during the process are removed. The finished piece may be further embellished or used as-is, depending on the desired outcome.

Machine embroidery is used in various industries, including fashion, home decor, and personalized goods like monogramming. It offers a faster and more consistent alternative to hand embroidery while still allowing for intricate and detailed designs.


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